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#971 TLC Shows

Ripping families apart, one series at a time.

I’m not even going to dive into the pile of shit that is The Family formerly known as The Gosslins.

What about their obsession with disabled people? Mermaid girl, I was born without arms, the 1,000 pound man, Little People Big World, 18 Kids and Counting. The list goes on.

And yet I can’t turn away. I watch, transfixed by the absolute lunacy beaming back at me. It’s the modern-day freakshow. Mothers who pop babies out like it’s a hobby. Children born with horribly debilitating diseases.  A one-legged dog.

In a sick and strange way I feel better watching these weirdo’s-I mean-courageous people. Because if they can make I can surely make it right? That lady only has one leg and was born without a spleen. What’s my excuse? Is it shallow to compare yourself to the people seen on TLC? Of course. Do I care? Absolutely not. My standards were low to begin with and they’re going anywhere but up.



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#973 Secret Santa’s

Keep your hand knitted scarves and scented candles. I’d rather take the $15 bucks and get hammered on cheap egg nog.

Another useless trinket! Just what I've always wanted.


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#976 Viral Videos

Sucking your productivity since the invention of YouTube.

Now go Google grape lady.

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