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#971 TLC Shows

Ripping families apart, one series at a time.

I’m not even going to dive into the pile of shit that is The Family formerly known as The Gosslins.

What about their obsession with disabled people? Mermaid girl, I was born without arms, the 1,000 pound man, Little People Big World, 18 Kids and Counting. The list goes on.

And yet I can’t turn away. I watch, transfixed by the absolute lunacy beaming back at me. It’s the modern-day freakshow. Mothers who pop babies out like it’s a hobby. Children born with horribly debilitating diseases.  A one-legged dog.

In a sick and strange way I feel better watching these weirdo’s-I mean-courageous people. Because if they can make I can surely make it right? That lady only has one leg and was born without a spleen. What’s my excuse? Is it shallow to compare yourself to the people seen on TLC? Of course. Do I care? Absolutely not. My standards were low to begin with and they’re going anywhere but up.



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#983 Unidentified Substances

Anyone who takes public transit on a regular basis knows this topic all too well.

That not-quite-clear liquid creeping closer to your flip-flopped feet. The milky white goo coating the handrail on the bus. And what is that filmy grease that is always on the windows?

Commence freak out.

My mind races with all the possibilities. None of them sanitary or appropriate for public.


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