“There are two sides to every story.” -Thomas Jefferson, in an 1817 letter.

“There’s always two sides to every story…” Dolly Parton, in an 1989 country song.

I absolutely fell in love with 1000 Awesome Things when I first read it. Who wouldn’t love sunny jaunts down nostalgia lane about everyday experiences?

Hey! I just had a waitress refill my drink for free and without asking!  Then we went to my neighbor’s house who had a pool, and later we put on some sweatpants wore sandals! *high five*

But 1000 Awesome Things is the bloggesphere’s equivalent of a group hug. And with any group hug, after a while it just gets uncomfortable. You begin to judge everyone and you get funky body odors wafting your way. Pretty soon you’re miserable and are looking for a polite way to tell these hippies to shove off.

Like when you find a clean public toilet seat or your babies diaper isn’t as bad as you expected.

Come again old chap?

Finding a clean public toilet seat is like finding out you don’t have HIV, just gonorrhea. It’s not horrible, but you’re still putting your baby makers in uncomfortable and unholy circumstances. And correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t there only two options when you open an infants diaper? And neither of them are anywhere near the top of my “Want to Touch” list. I’m beginning to question your hygiene standards, Awesome.

1000 Terrible Things was created out of necessity really. Come here to laugh, cry or commiserate. Just don’t expect to cuddle afterward or sing kumbaya. Leave that sappy stuff to someone else.

Because every yin needs its yang.

Because every up needs its down.

And because every family party needs its embarrassing drunk uncle.


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  1. Hahaha, I was just looking at the “Awesome” site and I thought to myself, There should be an Anti-Awesome blog, and lo and behold! Here you were. So much for my original idea. Good job. I agree with all the terrible things you noted, especially rap music lyrics.

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