#980 Not being able to sleep

Not to be confused with insomnia. I mean when you typically have no trouble catching some z’s and you can’t sleep a wink.

Tossing and turning and turning tossing. It’s agony. And then you just watch those precious minutes tick by, thinking of how horrible tomorrow is going to be.

Your beer belly mocks me.

Try counting sheep, try a glass of warm milk, hire someone to come scratch your back. None of it works. You’re doomed to spend those 6 to 8 hours wide awake with your mind wandering to the great recesses of your brain.

The worst is if you have someone sleeping next to you. How dare they!? Just doze on off into lalaland while you lie awake in hell! You’re so tempted to wake them up, give them a swift elbow to the kidney or a kick to the shin. Startle them and then insist they were having a bad dream. It works every time.

After all, misery loves company.



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