#975 MTV’s Jersey Shore

You’ve sunk to a new low MTV, and that’s really saying something considering your track record.

Remember "I Want a Famous Face?" My nightmares do.

The business plan is genius really. Take 9 of the sleaziest “guido’s and guidette’s” (their words, not mine) and throw them into an alcohol soaked house on the Jersey Shore. Make millions. Easy as pie.

This picture could really use a fist pump.

My favorite parts of this show are as follows:

1. Snooki (not her legal name) tells the  cast mates her name is Snooki and everyone promptly calls her Snickers.

2. Mike refers to himself as “The Situation.” I’m going to assume “the situation” is chlamydia.

3. In order to live in the house they have to work at a T-shirt shop on the boardwalk. Nothing particularly funny about that, I just like that they have to work at a shop as cheap as their accents.

But, is this show terrible? Absolutely. By the second episode, one roommate has broken up with her boyfriend (who is also currently getting a divorce) and refuses to go to work. She also refuses to call and give her boss a heads up. So when he comes by to check on his mortally wounded house bunny, she refuses to talk to him from anywhere but the bathroom. That’s right. She makes her boss come talk to her through the bathroom door as she fiddles with the water and fake coughs. It is small screen gold.

And if that wasn’t enough, the promo for the season features Snickers (née Snooki) getting punched in the face by a guy at a a bar. So there’s that.

Final verdict:

No words.



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