#986 Bike Acrobatics

I know the title can be misleading but I assure you, this is literally acrobatics on moving bicycles. Flips, hand stands, spirit fingers. The whole shebang. So who’s bat-shit crazy enough to do this?


What I’m most interested in is how one learns they have a knack for doing a handstand on a bicycle. Because I’ve been mighty bored in my lifetime and I’ve never thought “Hey, I’m gonna go find a hapless schmo to ride a bike in circles while I stand on their shoulders as smooth rock music plays.”

So I began to wonder if this was an insanity a recreational sport native to Deutschland. So who would be just as “talented” as the Germans when it came to forcing young girls to perform impossible feats in a unitard? China.

Oh yes, those Eastern wonders know how to one up. Because instead of having a measly two girls riding one bike, China has 9. Pyramid style. Set to 80’s jazzersize music.

But don’t worry. All of them are at least 12 years old.





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Filed under China is crazy, European's have too much free time

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