#988 Hipsters

The bane of my existence.



You're right. Daddy didn't love you.



This despicable creature has enjoyed a recent spike in popularity thanks to especially low self-esteem and poor parenting. Young men dressing as loose women



You're raping my soul.



and young women dressing as fucking morons.



And it’s not just what they wear, although that’s more than enough. It’s their attitude. The I’m-better-than-you-because-I-only-eat-organic-and-know-all-the-lyrics-to-all-the-songs-by-all-the-bands-you’ve-never-heard-of attitude.




What do you mean you don't eat alfalfa sprouts? They're the new dandelions.

Well you know what, Hipsters? You’re just this generations Hippies. Which doesn’t sound so bad until you realize that all those hippies are either a) dead from venereal diseases or b) working 9-5’s wishing they had died from venereal diseases.So stick that into your sustainable, locally widdled pipe and smoke it.




I'm sure there's a $30 scarf at American Apparel you can cry into.





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2 responses to “#988 Hipsters

  1. I’ll never forgive them for murdering the fedora.

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