#992 Balloon Boy

Shit, can’t little boys cause mischief without the national media breaking up the party?

Jiffy Pop anyone?

Jiffy Pop anyone?

His dad was probably yelling at him to go play outside. That’ll show him.  And CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and CSPAN too. Nobody ever lost a kid playing violent video games. Just sayin’…


Update: Ohhh, so now the truth comes out. Listen to the little tyke around the :40 second mark.

Hm, what “show,” Terrible Mommy and Daddy?

Pimping out your kid’s safety to regain your Wife Swap fame…

Terrible x2.



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2 responses to “#992 Balloon Boy

  1. Evan Minsker

    I don’t understand how anybody thinks that a helium balloon could lift a kid. It would have to be WAY bigger than it was.

  2. Only 20 years or so until we’ll hear this:

    “Falcon Heene, better known as ‘Balloon Boy’ from ‘Wife Swap,’ was charged today in the strange and terrible [blank]ing of…”

    Poor kid. The deck’s been stacked against a normal life for him since his parents named him Falcon.

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